Service & Referrals

Private Referrals

If you are making a private referral to a particular Psychologist you have identified, please find their details elsewhere (individual websites, phone book etc.).

PsychAllianceNZ does not manage private practice referrals to any of their provider Psychologists.

You can expect to pay somewhere between $160 - $230 per hour for private psychological consultations, depending on the level of expertise required. Specialist services such as neuro-psychological assessments or Court or forensic reports will attract higher fees. Each Psychologist will set their own private practice fees and run their own appointment scheduling. We do not make private appointments on behalf of any psychologist listed.

ACC Referrals

Physical Injury ACC Referrals

You cannot self-refer (or GP refer) for any ACC services for injury. These referrals are made to us directly by ACC and come to us with funding agreed on in place. If you or anyone you are supporting has suffered an injury (past or current) you need to contact ACC directly to discuss your needs.

Our Psychologists are registered to provide psychological services under an ACC contract; Psychological Services after mental or physical injury and sensitive claims assessments and services.

Sensitive Claims Referrals

You can self-refer if you believe you are entitled to treatment for a Sensitive Claim (sexual abuse). Phone the PsychAllianceNZ number and a Psychologist will be assigned to you if one is available. Your Psychologist will help you to determine whether the sexual abuse you suffered could potentially be 'covered' by ACC or not. There are criteria that apply, such as whether the abuse occured in New Zealand and other criteria determining whether the threshold for a crime are met.

ACC will not necessarily 'cover' you for a sexual abuse event; and will only do so if a mental injury can be proven by a registered professional. There are helpful ACC steps and processes within the ISSC contract to assist you before 'cover' is determined.

If you are referring yourself for a Sensitive Claim it is helpful to know if you have a strong preference for the gender of a therapist (male or female or does not matter) and where you live.

Other Referrals

Other referrals through government ministries, or Employee Assistance Programmes can be made through the Director of PsychAllianceNZ.